Inhumanum: The Inhumanity of Man

Our Latest TV Mini Series

The aim of the 8-episode TV Mini Series »Inhumanum: The inhumanity of Man« is to objectively present all the aspects and consequences resulting from the act of murder, thereby contributing to the culture of non-violence in the society.

inhumanum film production

What We Do?

»Inhumanum film« is a film production brand that gathers professional production companies, organizations, and artists of the film industry , producing the feature films, documentaries, animations, and other film projects with the aim to contribute to the culture of non-violence in society.

A creative crew

Meet The Team

Boštjan Brezovnik
creative producer
Aleš Pavlin & Andrej Štritof
Janez Krušič
jurnalist & narrator
Igor Zupe
director & writer
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Inhumanum film

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